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      Meiho Mini Pocket Cases

      Meiho Mini Pocket Cases

      Whether you’re looking for the perfect way to organize your tackle box or can’t find the right container to store your small fishing goods, the Mini Pocket Cases are just what you need. Compact, Easy to Store, and Lightweight, These Mini Pocket Cases will solve any problems you might have while organizing your fishing tackle box. 

      Meiho Tackle Box Flip Folding Case with Gear 

      At Meiho Tackle Box, We offer five varying styles for our Pocket Cases:

      1. Flip Folding Cases
      2. Square Cases
      3. Rectangle Cases
      4. Round Cases
      5. Strip Cases 



      Flip Folding Cases are small flip cases that have a variety of small compartment openings perfect for your small fishing gear such as hooks, weights, or small tackle. 

      Comes in a Flip Phone Style with 7 varying compartment style and multiple colors. 


      Square Cases are perfect for practicality when it comes to storing these small cases in your tackle box. With their easy to stack shape, Square Cases can easily be stored on their own or inside your own Tackle Box. Our Square Cases come with three to four mini compartments each with individual lids and are perfect for small hooks or weights. 


      Looking for a little more storage than the Square Case? Our Rectangle Cases are perfect for you. The Rectangle Cases come in a variety of sizes  ranging from 2 to 8 compartments; Each with their own individual lids. 


      Our Round Cases are perfect for storing similar items in one convenient space. With 6, 7, or 8 individual compartments, these little cells are perfect for storing various sized hooks, or weights in one easy to grab and store spot.  

      Round Meiho Tackle Box Flip Folding Case for Fishing Gear


      Strip Cases are great for adding to your existing Tackle Box. Coming in with 4 or 8 compartments in row, these Strip Cases are perfect for adding a little extra organization to your gear. 

      Open Round Flip Folding Case from Meiho Fishing Supplies

       Shop Our Mini Pocket Cases Here. Have any questions about the Mini Pocket Cases or any of our other fishing products? Feel free to call or email us anytime. We’d love to chat with you!

      (714) 694-0202 | Sales@mehiotacklebox.com

      Follow us on social media for more great content! @meihotacklebox

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      We're Meiho Tackle Box!

      We're Meiho Tackle Box!
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